Jodi - Fort Thomas, KY

Wife, mama to a 7 year old, an almost 4 year old, and another on the way, preschool/special education teacher, gymnastics coach

6:00-6:30-Alarm goes off and I literally jump out of bed to make sure I don’t fall back asleep. I go down and start the coffee and get in the shower. I’m so freaking tired that I stand in the shower with my head against the wall letting the water run over me, half dozing off while standing up. Finish up my shower, quickly check the clock as I walk by. 6:26, I guess I didn’t fall asleep in the shower today. I head back to the kitchen to get two cups of coffee, one for me and one for the husband, spilling at least ¼ of each cup as I walk back upstairs. I swear I live my life in a state of spilled coffee.

6:30-6:41-Enjoy my coffee in peace and check the news (Facebook) before the chaos hits.

6:42-The almost 4 year old peeks in my room and says, “Good morning, Mama!” with the biggest smile on his face and then he climbs in to my bed to cuddle for a few seconds and says, “I wuv you, Mama”. That split second of sweetness almost makes up for the hell that will happen in about 5 minutes as soon as I bring his clothes to him.

6:45-Wake up the 7 year old, get clothes for the almost 4 year old, and get toothbrushes ready. Mentally prepare for the battle that is coming with the almost 4 year old and his clothes. I smile when I wake her up. Thankfully the 7 year old loves school and has always been Miss Independent. That helps in the mornings. I remind her to get a leotard for gymnastics tonight and to brush her teeth before she comes for me to fix her hair.

6:45-7:10-I present the almost 4 year old with his clothes, which immediately starts the flailing and fighting with his clothes. He pretends that he cannot get dressed on his own. He gripes and complains because I brought a shirt that does not have Star Wars on it. He puts every item of clothing on inside out, backwards, all twisted and discombobulated. This entire scene would be comical if it didn’t happen EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. Either the husband or I undress him, fix his clothes, and tell him to get dressed or he starts losing big boy privileges, which in our house means Star Wars movies, iPad games, etc. He begrudgingly does a mostly better job of getting dressed. He starts the millions of questions. “Is it a school day?” Yes-he goes to half day preschool four days a week. “Is it a Griffin day?” Yes-he goes to a babysitter after school who has a little guy named Griffin. “Is it a grandma day?” Yes-the almost 4 year old goes to grandma’s while the 7 year old and I go to gymnastics practice. The 7 year old comes in my room ready to go, except for the ponytail that I put in her hair quickly.

7:10-7:20-The kids go downstairs with the husband to get started on breakfast. I finish dressing, strategically trying to find something that I can wear to teach in and to coach gymnastics in, and sipping my coffee that is now cold in peace.

7:20-7:35-Run down to the kitchen, fix lunches-ensuring that the almost 4 year old gets Star Wars fruit snacks and the 7 year old does not get a banana, try to eat something quick like a protein bar or fruit or yogurt or something. Gather backpacks, kiss the husband, and pile in the van to head to school.

7:35-7:50-Take the long way to school to avoid all the traffic. Study spelling words with the 7 year old while driving. Give both kids the pep talk about being kind and making good choices today. Walk in to school together.

7:50-8:00-Turn on computer, return a few emails and watch my kids play nicely in my classroom until they head to their own classrooms at 8. I smile because they really do get along and love each other.

8:00-11:15-Enjoy my morning class. Nothing out of the ordinary today-thank goodness. 11:10-I peek out at the bus line and blow a kiss to the almost 4 year old as he leaves to get on the bus to the babysitter’s house. He blows a kiss back with a huge smile and asks again if it’s a grandma day.

11:15-12:00-My lunch break. Ahhhhhhhh. Text the husband a quick “I love you. How is your day?”

11:20-take the lunch cart up to be prepared for my next class. I find the 7 year old in the cafeteria, give her a kiss, and ask her about her day quickly. Run back down to my classroom and I eat with my awesome coworkers. We chit chat about life, and the stories from the morning and mentally prep for the afternoon. I smile as I notice a familiar little bump in my belly as I’m eating-oh yeah, I’m pregnant again-I briefly feel sorry, and happy, yet amused because I love that feeling, but the poor kid is already getting lost in the shuffle.

12:00-3:00-Enjoy my afternoon class. At about 12:15, my assistant is helping a child who had a potty accident, another child says, “Miss Jodi, I pooped.” I smile sweetly and say, “No problem, sweetheart, as soon as Miss Donna comes back from helping your friend, we will take care of your problem.” Child says, “I said, I pooped” and pulled poop out of their diaper. I turned around and let out a large breath before turning back around. It’s going to be one of THOSE afternoons. Why does there always have to be a poop incident?

3:00-3:15-Check emails, text the husband and wait for the 7 year old to make her way back to my room from her room before we leave school for the day. She does any homework that is assigned for the night-the weekly homework packet was completed on Monday night.

3:15-3:30-Chit chat with the 7 year old about school and run through spelling words again while on our way to get the almost 4 year old.

3:30-3:50-Pick up the almost 4 year old at 3:30, talk with him about his day, while the 7 year old starts her daily reading homework in the car.

3:50-4:10-We get to grandma’s and we all eat a snack and decompress with a few minutes of iPad, iPhone or TV.

4:10-4:20-The 7 year old and I quickly change for gymnastics and pack snacks. Kiss the almost 4 year old goodbye and tell him to have fun with grandma.

4:20-4:30-The 7 year old and I head to gymnastics practice.

4:30-7:30-The 7 year old practices gymnastics and I coach. Sometimes our groups overlap, sometimes they don’t.

7:30-7:40-Text my mom that we are on our way to the almost 4 year old, and we head that way. The 7 year old excitedly tells me that she made it to the top of the rope climb tonight, and even though she has now been doing this for a month I tell her how awesome and strong she is getting.

7:40-8:00-My mom has the almost 4 year old waiting for us outside. She has packed up a dinner for the 7 year old. I profusely thank my mom, and head toward home. The almost 4 year old falls asleep on the drive home. The 7 year old tells me tales of her very exciting and dramatic day.

8:00-8:20-We pile back in the house and greet the husband, who thankfully has cooked dinner and cleaned up the kitchen while we were away. We (me, the husband and the 7 year old-the almost 4 year old stumbled in half asleep from the car and passed back out on the couch with his jacket and shoes still on) sit at the dinner table for about 20 minutes and talk about our day.

8:20-8:30-Give the kids a sniff and decide they can wait until tomorrow night for a shower, do pjs, prayers and sing “you are my sunshine” to my kids before kissing them good night.

8:30-10:30-Sit on the couch with the husband and talk about the day while watching Big Bang Theory or Modern Family reruns. He starts to doze off around 10, but swears he’s not sleeping and he’s not tired yet. At 10:30 I’m ready to fall over, so I turn off the TV. He sighs, acts annoyed that I’m turning off the TV and making him go to bed. We get ready for bed and kiss goodnight. I lay down ready to pass out and notice that my belly is going berserk. Oh yeah, I’m pregnant again, and it’s play time. I smile and eventually fall asleep to the wiggling in my belly.


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