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If I don’t get up before my kids, I’m a pissy mommy and NO ONE likes it! So, alas… I have become a morning person!

I’m up before 5:00AM for some “me” time. I make every effort not to check my Facebook feed before I have my green tea, and willpower can be very strong at 4:45AM! But if I’m successful, I sit and sip my tea and enjoy the quiet for as long as possible. Then, it’s time to meditate or workout (the hubs and I take turns each day as to who gets to hit the gym before work). And then I’ll have a protein shake for breakfast every morning (a decade-long habit I started while successfully losing weight in my 20’s).

By 6:30AM both kids are up and it’s GO GO GO! A different breakfast for every person, whining over which color cup or bowl my toddler NEEDS to have, tidying the house in case I have clients coming over that day, cleaning the kitchen, making sure the backpack is packed with a blanket and nap buddy, and then herding the kiddos upstairs to get dressed. We sing, “Upstairs! Upstairs! Brush our teeth and comb our hair! Don’t forget clean underwear!” By this time I’ve also sung two other made-up songs about a hundred times:

“Milk, milk, my favorite drink!

The more I drink, the more I think…

Just how much I LOVE MY MILK!

Thank you God for cows!”

And then my daughter screams, “MOO!”


“Whine! Whine! Why do we whine?

We whine ‘cause we don’t get our way all the time!

But nobody wants to hear us whine!

So let’s just clap our hands!”

(And if the whining continues, I sing another verse that ends with “So let’s just stomp our feet!”)

I’m not musical by nature, and I refuse to even do arts and crafts with my kids. But I can workshop a silly song in no-time flat and it helps us all survive the morning.

Once my 3-year-old is ready for school, I put her in front of YouTube so she can watch Disney Collector for 5-10 minutes while I get dressed and brush my hair and teeth. I keep popping out of my master bedroom to make sure my 1-year-old is relatively safe.

Then, it’s…

“Off to school we go!

We are on time I know!

All of our friends are there!

Their mommies have combed their hair!

We’ll learn so much today!

And there’ll be time to play!

Our teachers are very cool!

And that’s why I love my school!”

(I admit that I sing this song a little more joyfully than my daughter does as we walk to her school!)

We’re back home by 9:00AM because that is my son’s naptime and I am militant about naptime—nothing ever is more important than naptime!

Once my son goes down I put my Health Coach hat on and work my Herbalife business. I do everything from Facebook or my iPhone—making connections, follow-up texts and emails, personalizing nutrition plans, celebratory posts welcoming a new client or recognizing a milestone in someone’s weight loss journey, etc. And I communicate with the other Herbalife Coaches whom I mentor. I have 60-90 minutes of solid, focused work and I take advantage of every second.

My son wakes and it’s playtime! We go to the park, children’s museum, zoo, or gym. If I didn’t have the chance to workout that morning, I drop my son at the gym childcare and do a measly workout. I don’t go hardcore at the gym, but I love that I can do some more work on my iPhone while I’m on the treadmill, sit in the sauna, and take an uninterrupted shower. It may as well be a day spa! I get two hours of babysitting per day at my gym and you better believe I use every minute! I’m always branded in Herbalife gear like a t-shirt and water bottle so I often make connections and find clients when I’m out and about at this time of day.

And since my son is only good for about 3 waking hours these days, it’s then time to head back home for lunch and another nap!

It’s lather, rinse, repeat for me during this second naptime: it’s another chunk of focused work and I often have potential clients come over to my home that are interested in trying Herbalife at this time. The afternoon always seems to fly by, and once my son wakes I get him in the stroller and head out to pick up my daughter from preschool.

We live in a pretty walkable neighborhood, so after preschool we head to the grocery story or park or just stroll around the hood. We get home by about 4:00PM and I start getting dinner on the table since we eat like geriatrics.

I spend a couple hours meal-prepping on Sundays so that dinner just needs to be heated up during the week. This is the single-biggest time saver for me as a working mom, and also one of the biggest money-savers for our family. I am always trying to convince other moms I work with to just spend 2 hours cooking on Sundays. It makes weekday life so much easier and pleasant (not to mention healthy)!

My husband may or may not join us for dinner depending on work, but we’ll often go out for a walk once he comes home and grabs a bite to eat, too. By the time we come home it’s time for what one of my mommy-friends calls the “Baby Rush Hour”: bath, brush teeth, books, (bottle for my son), and BED!

Of course, as any parent of a toddler knows, kids think bedtime is always up for negotiation! One parent deals with our daughter at this point, and the other finishes up in the kitchen… that’s fair, right? We always fight for who gets to deal with just the dishes!

But by 8:00PM for the most part, my kids are sleeping and I’m back online wrapping up work and making some calls that never would’ve happened with a house full of kids that are either laughing, screaming or crying at any given moment. My husband and I try to wrap up work and get in bed by 9:30PM so we can connect and read or journal and be asleep by 10:00PM. So that’s my secret for getting up before 5:00AM… I’m asleep by 10:00PM!) I started keeping a gratitude journal last year that I write in every night before falling asleep. I write three things I’m grateful for, one thing I’m working on, one thing I want to manifest, and lastly I record the best moment of the day. I then kiss my hubs, close my eyes, and thank God for another day with my family.


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