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7AM Monday morning. The kids have had a week off from school for half term, plus the Friday before for an inset day. My mind is whirling with all I have to remember to send them to school with! I doze off for a bit longer and wake at 7:45. The kids aren't awake yet which means I need to go down to wake them. My daughter Lyla (8 years old) is first. I slowly open her blinds knowing I can leave her to make her way downstairs. Next up are the twins Colin and Carson (6 years old). When they wake up on their own they are instantly full of energy and ready to go, if I have to wake them up....oh boy! They share a big bed (they don't like to sleep without the other one right next to them) and instantly pull the duvet over their heads. I basically have to harass them to wake them up. Once they start stirring they immediately turn to the other for some morning snuggling and kissing. Cute, yes I know, but seeing as we have to leave the house at 8:30 this can interfere with my timeline! I leave them to it, open their blinds and gather the three kids school uniforms to take downstairs. I have learned to save time by bringing their clothes downstairs to change. If I let them go to their rooms to get dressed I usually find them 15 minutes later in their underwear playing!

8:00 Kids are at the table eating breakfast, after arguing who was first in line to pick their cereal! Every day this occurs. Sigh...I crack on making Lyla's lunch for school. This school year is slightly easier because the government have offered free school meals from kids in a Foundation through Year 2. Only one lunch to make! Now I have to find their reading diaries and books to put in their book bags. Where they heck did I put them? Upon opening their bags I have realised I haven't signed up or paid for the upcoming school disco. I furiously scrounge through the change dish for £2.50 for each of them. I only hope they remember to hand it in to the teachers. On to organising the PE kits they brought home for me to wash. Quite pleased I managed to find everything without difficulty, well apart from discovering Colin has one PE shoe missing. He assures me it's in his tray at school!

8:15 Time for the kids and myself to get dressed. My daughter has this down pat and I can trust her to get herself ready. The boys however take ages! I have to sit and encourage them along over and over again. By the time they are dressed and heading up to brush their teeth (again after some long winded coaxing) I can finally get ready. Usually I have about 5 min to brush my teeth and throw on some clothes. Though I generally walk to collect them from school either my husband or I drive them in the morning to save time. 8:35 The coats are on, but we are minus one school shoe (Colin again)! Crap! After not being worn all week we can't find the flipping thing. Angus is loading the other two in whilst Colin and look everywhere. Phew! We found it under the dressing up clothes. We are off. We have three water bottles, three book bags, three PE kits plus three kids. Success! 8:40 Arrive at school and walk them in. Lyla has all her stuff and skips off to line up with barely a smile in acknowledgement . Gosh she's growing up! I walk to the other playground with the boys carrying all their stuff. I settle them in line with all their kit and finally turn to greet my friends.

9 AM My favourite thing about Monday…breakfast club! My mom pals get together for breakfast every Monday. Today we get to sit outside in the sun and drink our cups of tea/coffee. We chat about how the holidays went. How much fun we had most of the time with the children, but also how delighted we were to drop them off this morning and start back to the usual routine. Ah, now I can properly relax…….until pick up at half 3. At least that's how my husband sees it!

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