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I am a married working mom of 2 of the cutest boys in the world. Blake (5) and Bryce (3) make life hard, exciting, mind blowing, challenging, uplifting, self reflective and rewarding. I have worked at the same company for 13.5 years ( ) and absolutely love my job. I am not created to be a stay at home mom – It is the hardest job in the world as I have had two maternity leaves and two sabbaticals as real life practice. Without a doubt I am a better mom because I work. I always thought I was a patient person until I had children. My husband is in tech and half the time have no idea what he does but know he works just as hard as I do. He and I had pets before we met (he a cat person and I a small dog person) so we already felt like we were merging to families when we were dating. Now we joke that we just feel like we live in a zoo. Two messy kids, and 3 pets – there is always someone pooping, peeing, barfing inside the house and it drives me insane.

Life is a bit chaotic right now but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Here is my morning...

The days that you wake on your own accord are such good mornings.

Normally -

Morning A: Wake up to a screaming child through the monitor that yells for his music to be turned back on at 5:45 when you have your alarm set for 6:30 and rarely do you get back to sleep before said alarm goes off (*husband started putting Pandora Enya Radio on in order to get the crazy #2 child to sleep quicker which works but then every once in while #2 wakes up demanding his radio turned back on in the middle of the night, he doesn’t fully understand when I say the singers have to sleep too – decision on whether radio will continue will come at a later time)

Morning B: The footsteps from Child #1 or #2 roaming the hallways above your head that prompts the dog to bark or growl. The startle of waking up to a dog barking is always so relaxing.

This morning was a variation of A: Child #2 demanding to snuggle at 5:53 - which to the not so seasoned mother sounds so cute however I know this beast and know that he is just trying to pull at the heart strings and get me in bed to sleep with him as he knows I will pass out, have a pulled muscle in my back and be cranky the next day. I may or may not have had this happen a number of times.

Since I was now up, I pull out my trusted phone and scrolled through Facebook, Instagram, News, etc. - the proper way any human being now wakes up. After 20 minutes I rolled out of bed and got into the shower without anyone needing anything - which we know is rare these days.

I made it upstairs to the kitchen without any children and started my morning mental checklist – pack lunches for kids, put English muffin in toaster, pack lunch for me, grab muffin slab peanut butter on and start on breakfast for kids. By this time, Child #1 is roaming around, lands on the coach, and in his morning zombie face stares at the TV waiting for me to turn it on for him. For 15 minutes he is in a TV coma until he realizes I have breakfast waiting for him on the dining room table after I have had to clap my hands to get him to hear me. Every morning a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for breakfast– no deviation and no reason to ever ask him if he wants something else.

Child #2 I have to go wake up at 7:30 since I need to be out of the house by 8:00 for work. He makes his way to the couch for the short time it takes me to make him toast with butter (this is new since this is how daddy eats his toast) every day I ask what he wants and 75% of the time once I set the asked item in front of him it is now wrong. Fit throwing wrong. This morning however not much of a response which I will take.

While Child #2 eats his toast at the dining table, he zones on out Wild Kratts and I am able to dress him, get shoes on and get a sweatshirt zipped up. Usually this constitutes some type of tears, shirt changes or pants (‘cozy pants momma’) or a fit on the ground throwing oneself around. The fact that I am in and out without much awareness I declare is a miracle.

By 7:55 am I am the mommy Sherpa we all know and love – one arm carries the boys two backpacks with my computer bag on my shoulder and the other arm is caring my purse and a plateful of cookies for one of the teachers birthdays at school. (P.S. store bought M&M cookies can be pulled off as homemade on a different plate with saran wrap and a fun note on a post it)

Husband is not in the picture this morning as I thought I would be a nice wife and let him sleep-in as he has a big week of travel coming up and a few large presentations today. If I need help, I am always very willing to yell at him to come up – very willing.

Props to all of the moms out there that survive each and every day.

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