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I am a single mom to 3 energetic boys, 13 year old twins and a 7 year old who is more work than the twins. I split my time between being mom, teacher, student, girlfriend, friend, and just me. We also have a 15 year old leopard gecko and a 5 year old dog. I made the executive decision that the loaches (they’re a type of eel like fish) weren’t making the move with us this past September. I am so happy to be rid of that aquarium.

This is a typical weekday in our house.

5:30 a.m. – My first alarm goes off on my iPad. I swipe it off and go back to sleep. Always.

5:40 – My iPhone alarm goes off. This one is sometimes swiped and sometimes snoozed. It depends how many times I was up during the night. My 7 year old sleeps with me and will wake me up to ask if it’s ok to go to the bathroom. I have no idea why. Most mornings, I get up with this alarm.

I take care of bathroom duties and head downstairs to enjoy the peace and quiet. The coffeepot is turned on and I open my Bible app on my iPad to read my portion for the day.

6:00 – By now, I am in full swing. My coffee is in my cup and I am starting to get lunches ready if I didn’t the night before and figure out breakfast. Lunches are pretty easy: a sandwich maybe, or leftovers, a sweet treat like a Z bar or a homemade brownie or cookie, and veggies or fruit. Breakfast varies depending on my mood. I try not to rely on cereal too much, so we also do oatmeal, eggs, breakfast burritos, and waffles and pancakes. I try to clean up in the kitchen a little bit right now too as I drink my coffee.

6:30 – The boys are usually awake by now and coming downstairs to eat. They let the dog out and feed her and get a Mom kiss and hug and then I go upstairs to get ready for the day. I have gotten my make up down to a pretty quick art. My hair doesn’t really get anything done to it. And my wardrobe is pretty simple since I’ve gained some weight this past year and don’t have that many options in my closet right now.

7:00 – Depending on where I am substitute teaching, this gets to be crunch time. The boys are done eating, hopefully. They should be getting dressed and brushing teeth, and packing up lunches and backpacks. My youngest will try to play with Legos at this point and frustrate me.

8:00 – For now, we are leaving around 8:00 to go to school. We hop in the car, pray on the way to school, and I park in between the twins’ school and my youngest’s. The twins get out and walk to their school while I walk their brother to school. After dropping him off, I walk back to my car and drive it 2 blocks to the twins’ school where I am teaching 7th grade PE. I go to my office and read my book for class or give my boyfriend a call.

9:00 – School starts. I teach the first two periods, which isn’t that bad for PE. Except dealing with the hormones.

11:00 – I have my first break of the day, if I am not called to teach in another classroom. I finally eat my breakfast and work on school stuff. Not PE school stuff, my grad school. Reading, writing papers, answering discussion boards. Except I have no internet in the locker room, so I roam campus to go to a friend’s classroom or sit in the staff lounge.

12:00 – Back to teaching. Normally a load of loaned PE clothes has been started now so the 3 female PE teachers are transferring it. It’s like we never left home! There’s no complaining about who needs to do what though, thank goodness.

1:00 – Lunch time. Depending on impending due dates, this may find me in the staff lounge finishing up work. I am often distracted though as a group of 5 teachers come in to chat and eat. It is interesting being in a school where my children go and have been taught by several of these teachers. I am super thankful that they are good kids with great reputations. These teachers are exceptionally kind about my boys.

1:30 – Two more periods to teach and school is done for the day. Unfortunately, these are the hardest! Rowdy boys in both. I feel like I am overly loud. My whistle is used during these two classes and I yell at them to be quiet, pay attention, etc. I am also the only female teacher now in the locker room and trying to take care of all of the needs of the girls. Yikes!

3:45 – I have made it to the end of another day. I run out to the parking lot to get my youngest from a friend who picks him up for me and keeps him for an hour while I finish teaching. The twins have to be tracked down. Most of the time they are in the library with their friends. Some days we all wait in the library; other days I go home and pick them up at 4:30.

4:30 – It’s homework time for the boys. They sit at the table and are self-motivated. I answer questions when needed and we talk some more about how their days were; I normally get the beginnings during the ride home. This is my time to cook dinner. 90% of the time, we eat at home. Tonight, it was grilled cheese, tomato soup, and apple slices. Without a doubt, during this time one of the neighbor kids will knock asking the boys to play outside. Maybe, just maybe, I sneak in a cup of coffee to help me make it through the night without wanting to crash.

5:30 – Dinner time. I do a pretty poor job of eating as a family because I don’t eat dinner and just snack after school. So, they eat and I try to do a chore or two. Like laundry.

6:00 – Boys finish homework. Sometimes they earn time to play on the computer. I go on a run or walk the dog for some time for myself to decompress. I don’t get any time between the end of work and seeing all 3 of my boys.

7:00 – Known as “pajama time” in the house. The boys change into pajamas and go upstairs to read or play Legos. I pick up my textbook to read or start writing my papers.

7:45 – Quick worship time. After, I listen to my youngest read for 20 minutes or we work on his fluency sheet for school. I am horrible about fluency and often save it all for Thursday night. Oops.

8:00 – Showers for all. Hopefully. It is seriously amazing how dirty boys do not mind being.

9:00 - Bedtime if they haven’t fallen asleep already. I stay awake a bit longer to do more school work, play Words With Friends, and message or call my boyfriend. And I think about all of the things I didn’t do today and what I need to do tomorrow. I lament not being able to clean more. Or play board games with the boys. I think about the arguments that were had and pray for help in calming them and having a peaceful, loving home.

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