Christin - Park City, UT

I am a working new mom that is on the path of figuring out how to manage home life, work life and staying active with a 7month old little boy, an amazing husband, a hyperactive dog and an orange tabby cat. My husband is a pilot working at the local airport and getting ready to make the move to commercial airlines- which is scary to say the least as I will become part time single mom that works more than full time. We live in a great mountain town with tons to do and have been getting used to navigating our typical outdoor lifestyle while toting our baby along with us. I am a physician assistant in a busy orthopedic practice and if you need to know one thing about orthopedics in a teaching hospital things start early in the morning…..

I am lucky to have an amazing husband that shares all of our life responsibilities with me to keep our crazy life in motion. And this is our average Tuesday:)

Between 4:30 and 5:30 am: I get up and start getting ready for work and hope that the little one wakes up to eat before I leave because it is one less time I have to pump that day. Get bottles ready for the baby for the day as well as whatever solids I have managed to make- still on the homemade baby food plan.

6:30 AM: work starts. Hopefully I have had time to have some coffee before our first surgery of the day but not likely.

8AM: Husband gets baby ready to go for the day, packs diaper bag, and gets him to the nanny on his way to work.

9AM: Done with first OR case and trying to find time to get a snack, water, get next patient ready, talk to family from the first case and pump before I am scrubbed in to another case for 2-3 hours.

11:30: Again food an water are the goal while dealing with patient calls from the office and getting to orders for the inpatients done while getting ready for next OR case. Hopefully by now the nanny or my husband have sent me at least 1 or more pictures of my little guy. Really try not to feel guilty that I am working instead of spending time with him.

2PM: The crux of the day. Last OR case of the day and it is typically the worst case on our schedule- this is the case that determines when I will get home and if I will get to see little man before he goes to bed or not.

4PM: Dad has picked up little man from nanny and get the run down on food in and out, as well as any firsts we may have missed that day. I no longer let him or the nanny tell me if I missed a “first.”

4:30PM: Yes! Last case ended on time- I am out the door of the hospital as fast as possible. Stop by the store to pick up something to make for everyone for dinner.

5:45PM: Sit down to feed the baby since I have likely not pumped since noon and I am quite uncomfortable. Then get veggies in the steamer for the baby and get our dinner started (assuming I didn’t cop out and pick up pizza, noodles and company or café rio on the way home J)

6:15: Feed baby his dinner while husband tries to get the mad dog out for a run so he is not a complete nut case all night.

7:15: Bedtime routine starts- bath, boob, bed- the goal is having this complete before 8pm and I am usually fairly successful!

8:30: resist the urge to get in bed, always have good intentions of going to the gym or out for a walk but normally curl up with a book or in front of the tv to relax for a little bit.

9:30: Assuming I didn’t fall asleep on the couch reading or watching tv I head to bed to get ready to start it all again tomorrow- the question now is will we get our hoped for 7-8 hours of sleep or is it one of the nights with 2-3 feeds and diaper changes……

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