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Ever wonder how other moms do it? What their day looks like? Is their morning as hectic as yours? Or the bedtime routine as exhausting?

Well this is the place to feel understood. One Mom A Day is about celebrating the unique and wonderful ways that every family is different, while also making the rest of us feel a bit more normal. This is a place free of judgement. It isn't about whether you breastfeed or bottlefeed, stay at home or work full time, put your kids to bed at 7pm or 10pm (or midnight), or whether you eat all organic or only fast food. It is the place to share your funny stories and your hard moments, while also saying "I have totally been there" or "I feel your pain (or joy)"!


We are all in this journey of motherhood together and by sharing our real stories we remove the pretense that life is perfect, that our kids never throw tantrums over the color of the plate you put their dinner on, or insist on wearing the same princess dress 4 days in a row. We all have struggles and we all have victories and we should embrace them and cheer each other on!


Real Moms, Real Life...One Mom A Day!

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